The Brand Virginia Casa

Earth, pigments and fire in the Factory; the capable hands of an ancient art, passion.
Here charming and seductive ideas were born, here is the beauty created.

Inside the Virginia Casa Factory, skilled craftsmen give shape and color to wonderful pottery items which are intended to furnish the house and the table.
A collection of beautiful lines made in different styles ranging from country chic, to classic and neoclassic, from baroque to minimalism, all reinterpreted following contemporary trends and mind-style.

Unique and exclusive lines with which we can fall in love on the first date and never stop wanting them, precious objects that mark lifestyles and betray emotions with their essential presence.

The beauty always comes back with its indelible images, vivid memories in the memory irradiated by dall'the energy of the present time, so the Fabbrica, Virginia, makes you feel at home.

50 years, a long history

Virginia Casa was born by the experience and the know-how of a Company working in the field of pottery art from 50 years.
Ceramiche Virginia began her work in Montespertoli, in the land of Tuscany, back in 1971.

The relentless pursuit of different styles and trends and the ability to preserve unchanged over time the manual techniques of ancient pottery are the secrets of this wonderful, long history.
So Virginia Casa is, and always will be, an excellence of Made in Italy.

The Factory in video

A wonderful video signed by Carlo Guttadauro tells about passion and emotion of the Factory which makes you feel at home.